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Free Health Care Clinic, Baralt Municipality

On September 30 of this year, the sixth Free Health Care Clinic was held where the following social care stations were established: Vaccination, General Medicine, Pharmacy, and Pediatrics, with talks on exclusive breastfeeding (EML), Legal advice, Gynecology with talks on family planning, Humanitarian Closet, and Hairdressing. The rate of illness in children is high regarding the bronchial tract, tonsils, and coughing. Eight cases of malnutrition in children were determined. In adults, the doctors conclude that there are many elderly adults with malnutrition issues plus health issues due to age. On the legal issue, the lawyer saw many cases of children that have not been presented since many were born in Valera, a city far from the place they reside, and due to economic issues, it is difficult for them to travel again to present their children. Medicines were delivered in different medical attention, and in conclusion, everything went smoothly, achieving the sectoral objectives


Some of the people who participated in the medical day in the municipality of Baralt tell us about their experiences:

Hernan Garcia, collaborator of the headquarters where the event took place, participated as a volunteer in the protocol.

We thank the foundation for having come and selected this community to carry out the event, it was a great blessing for all the families that are quite humble, we hope that in February we can carry out another activity».

Kimberly attended with her three children and her sister Dayarly to the medical day

I found the activity wonderful, I was treated in gynecology where I received a prescribtion and my children for pediatrics, we are lining up at the pharmacy to receive the medicines prescribed by the doctors, thank you very much for everything».

People benefited in Baralt Municipality Free Health Care Clinic

September 30, 2023

Number of people attended by station:

  • Pediatric Station: 89.
  • Internal and General Medicine: 70.
  • Pharmacy Station: 196.
  • Humanitarian Closet Station: 150.
  • Vaccination Station: 27.
  • Legal Advice: 16
  • Hairdresser: 43.
In April 2023, the Venezuelan Association for Alternative Sexual Education (Avesa) revealed in its report, published on its website, that only 3 out of 10 women of reproductive age use contraceptive methods. «Of those who use them, the type of contraceptive method most used by adult women is the contraceptive pill with 28.7%, followed by intrauterine devices (IUD) with 18.9% and as a third option, implants (18.2%),» it detailed. The non-governmental organization (NGO) pointed out that only 23.8% of the women consulted in the states of Táchira, Apure and Sucre have the possibility of purchasing contraceptive methods.

«The rate of contraceptive method use in adolescents between 15 and 19 years of age is 38.5%. Slightly higher than that reported by adolescents in the Capital District and Miranda in 2020, which was 37.9%», she indicated. The director of the Center for the Study of Sexual Rights and Reproductive Rights (Cedesex), Suzany Gonzalez Zambrano, denounced in June 2023 the lack of access to contraceptive methods and prevention of sexually transmitted infections. Gonzalez pointed out that the absence of sexual health service in the national public health system, increased the levels and risk factors.

link: https://humvenezuela.com/en-un-50-aumentaron-fallas-electricas-en-el-pais-segun-el-comite-de-afectados-por-apagones-via-el-impulso/

Meet our Hope Team

The Quiñonez Viloria family, formed by Pediatrician Daniela Viloria and Engineer Luis Arturo Quiñonez, began their participation in the foundation with the first Free Health Care Clinic held in September 2022 in Maracaibo, Zulia State, Venezuela. Their intervention as volunteers is mainly in the organizational structure in the Free Health Care Clinic, receiving the donations of medicines and participating in the inventory. Dr. Viloria is in charge of coordinating the medical personnel and volunteers who will attend the community outreach. During the community outreach, Luis Quiñonez coordinates the Pharmacy station (with the distribution of medicines). Dr. Viloria is also part of the team of doctors who assist the beneficiaries in pediatric consultations (well-child and sick-child consultation, nutritional and anthropometric evaluation).

Fundrasing Campaign

through the following campaign on the Givebutter platform, we are raising funds for the execution of the various Free Health Care Clinic held around Venezuela, where we offer pediatric consultations, consultations for adults and seniors, vaccination for children and adults, ophthalmological consultations, dental consultations, and much more

You can donate through the following link: https://givebutter.com/FreeHealthCareClinic from Givebutter or scan your camera’s QR code.

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