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Children’s Dining Room
Last October we started to develop a new social aid program within the foundation. This new program is based on the creation of the «Proyecto de Comedores Standard».
The purpose of this program is to provide food security and educational support to children in vulnerable situations in depressed areas around Venezuela. This project will be developed under the guidance of our staff, who will instruct and train our partners, who will be directly responsible for the development of the dining rooms. Each dining room will have a child population, which will be selected through previous censuses, evaluating the level of vulnerability for their selection.
gram will offer balanced food support to the beneficiary population, together with nutritionists, who will evaluate the nutritional deficit or nutritional level of each beneficiary. Following this, it is expected to develop an educational schedule, hand in hand with specialists in education, which will contribute to reinforcement and academic monitoring of children, to encourage their educational continuity in the classroom.
Humanitarian response 2023

The main difficulties faced by Venezuelan refugees and migrants in the Caribbean have been: 1. Stigmatization and xenophobia, 2. Livelihoods and subsistence, 3. Detention and deportation, and 4. Therefore, a study on the protection situation of Venezuelan refugees and migrants in the Caribbean offers recommendations to governments and humanitarian organizations to address the main risks and difficulties Venezuelan individuals face while promoting access to their rights. These include:

Providing migration and human rights training to police, immigration officials, and asylum authorities will contribute to a better understanding of protection needs. Enhancing cultural exchange initiatives in Caribbean host communities to promote mutual cultural understanding and combat xenophobia. Implement alternative care options for unaccompanied children, such as foster care. Promote English and Papiamento peer-to-peer English and Papiamento learning initiatives.

Inclusion and integration policies and programs, including access to documentation, regularization, formal work, shelter, linguistic inclusion, and access to basic services, would help mitigate existing risks and contribute to the protection of Venezuelan refugees and migrants in the Caribbean. In addition, these types of measures could also help refugees and migrants become drivers of development in the communities that host them.

link: https://rosanjose.iom.int/es/blogs/cuales-son-las-principales-dificultades-que-enfrentan-las-personas-refugiadas-y-migrantes-venezolanas-en-el-caribe

Grace Angelastri

Children’s Dining Room Coordinator.

Grace Angelastri de Rangel, joined the staff of the foundation since October 12 of this year, developing programs from a social perspective; promoting and advicing on social projects such as: the creation of the project of standard dining rooms, promoting the comprehensive care of vulnerable children and training allies who will be part of these programs at a national and international level.

Christmas in Venezuela 2023
Giving joy to many children this Christmas in Venezuela!
This campaign raised funds for the purchase of toys for Christmas. A total of 675 toys for boys and girls were purchased, which are now being delivered to different allied organizations, who will be in charge of distributing the toys to children around the country.
If you still wish to collaborate, you can donate through the following link https://givebutter.com/ToysforChristmas2023 from Givebutter or scan the following QR code from your camera, with your donation you could contribute to the organization of Christmas parties around Venezuela.
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