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The vision of our organization is to create local and international programs that promote the development and capabilities of individuals to reach their maximum potential in a growing society and thus become an important pillar in creating a healthy and productive society for the self-management of its development.


We are a non-profit organization focused on the development of social projects in order to meet the basic needs of the most vulnerable and their communities, as well as to promote their integral development

Our Values
A | ADDING VALUE, We show the people around us how important they are.
D | DIVERSITY, We believe that in diversity, there is strength.
N | NOBLE, We help in every way we can
C | COURAGE, We constantly step out of our comfort zone because we know that’s where success lies.
I | INTENTIONAL, We constantly strive to achieve our goals.
T | THOUGHTFUL, We care about the impact of our actions on our environment.
Y | YES,  We have a positive and confident attitude in facing challenges.
H | HOPE, We aim to bring hope to the most needy worldwide.
O | ON-TIME, We are intentional in fulfilling our vision.
P | PASSION, The passion we have to help those in need comes from God.
E | EXCELLENCE, We believe that everyone can excel and achieve excellence.
2024 started with few in Caracas and low affluence of customers in stores.

Stores in several areas of Caracas, Venezuela, started the year with few promotions, unlike January 2023, when more offers were observed in clothing and footwear stores. This 2024, there are few businesses that have sales offer discounts from 10 % to 70 % in selected merchandise. However, like last year, the offers have not been enough to attract customers so far in January 2023. Some retailers indicated that they will keep the promotions until February and March. In the case of shoe stores, the offers vary between 20% and 50% off, while clothing stores have sales ranging from 10% to 70%. Some of the children’s clothing stores also have discounts of 20 % and 30 %. «Everything has been very weak, January is not the same as before the pandemic and the economic crisis. Now we are waiting for the people who did not buy in December». According to the merchant, there are few offers that she can make since the profit margins are already low since she has to import the merchandise, due to the fact that she assures that there is a lack of manufacturers in this branch. Inflation in Venezuela closed 2023 at 193 % The Venezuelan Observatory of Finance (OVF) revealed that inflation in Venezuela closed 2023 at 193 %, this figure is equivalent to a reduction of 112 points with respect to the year 2023.

LINK: https://eldiario.com/2024/01/11/enero-2024-pocas-ofertas-caracas/

Yanetzy Zambrano Administrative Coordinator. Venezuela Emprende

Yanetzy Zambrano began in January 2024 her participation in the foundation assuming mainly the socioeconomic analysis of the applicants of the microcredits for the Venezuela Emprende program, as well as the administration of the collection of the monthly installments of the beneficiaries. Finally, she provides support and advice through administrative tools to the entrepreneurs and businessmen who have benefited from credits granted by the foundation.

Fundrasing Campaign

Clothing Drive

Donation of clothes and shoes for children and adults in Venezuela.

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