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Community Outreach, August 19, Maraca Island, Zulia State:

On August 19, the fifth community outreach was executed in Maraca Island, Zulia state, Almirante Padilla municipality. Hand in hand with our allied foundation «Aura,» we were able to take the pediatric care program to the island, attending approximately 205 children, giving them pediatric consultation, vaccination for children and adults, clothes in the humanitarian closet, and medicines under medical criteria; also baby formula was distributed along with a snack.


Local people of Maraca Island tell us their experience during the community outreach on August 19.

Rucson Simanca

Ruxon is a collaborator of a church on the island and serves as a support within the medical journey. «We are bringing this benefit to the island since many things are needed in this place, people suffer from water and food shortages. We are bringing this benefit to the island since many things are needed here. Some people suffer as they can not eat well and have to go to bed without dinner or do not have breakfast, and most of them eat only once a day. Here we live in extreme poverty, so we ask for help from whoever can collaborate in this place».

Eile Morales, 13 years old

Eile is a teenage mother who was a beneficiary of the Maraca Island workshop. She is 13 years old and already has a son, and she tells us, «Today the workshop was excellent; they treated me very well at all the tables where I received attention. The situation here on the island is not easy, but we are grateful for everything they did for us; for me, it was beautiful that they came».

People benefited in the Isla Maraca Journey

Number of people attended by station:

  • Pediatric Station: 198 children.
  • Pharmacy Station: 210 people (adults and children).
  • Humanitarian Closet Station: 245 people (adults and children).
  • Vaccination Station: 30 people (adults and children).
Panama anticipates taking measures against the Darien jungle crossing.
Overwhelmed by the upsurge of migrants crossing the dangerous Darien jungle, Panama expected that it would take concrete steps considering that other countries, including neighboring Colombia, do little to stop this flow that it describes as «inhumane.» The government did not inform what those actions will be in a communiqué released on Thursday. However, the National Migration Service director, Samira Gozaine, said the day before that it is time to establish «norms and rules.» It even hinted at the possibility of border closures. According to official figures, the measures will be announced next week, when transits

transits through the border area already exceed 300,000. «We have exceeded the capacity to attend them,» affirmed the Minister of Security, Juan Manuel Pino. He stressed that despite Panama’s efforts and meetings with the countries involved, «it has not been possible to achieve a stop.» Part of the government’s strategy includes the media campaign «Darien is not a route, it is a jungle,» which seeks to discourage the migratory flow and describes the reality faced by migrants who undertake the dangerous journey that has claimed many people’s lives. Between 2,500 and 3,000 people enter the Darien every day. The majority are Venezuelan, Ecuadorian, Haitian, and African migrants, and in recent months, an increase in Chinese migrants has been reported.

link: https://humvenezuela.com/en-un-50-aumentaron-fallas-electricas-en-el-pais-segun-el-comite-de-afectados-por-apagones-via-el-impulso/

Meet our Hope Team

She is part of the team as of February 2023. She directly supports the financial area of the foundation and the areas in which it connects with others, from processing payments for the Medical Social Days to managing the payments of the initiative to promote small entrepreneurs: Venezuela Emprende. Her functions are related to renewing the foundation’s annual permits, keeping the accounting books in Quickbooks, auditing in general everything concerning the foundation’s accounts, payments and expenses. «My work within the foundation has been of great satisfaction to be able to contribute, from my accounting knowledge, in the financial and administrative area, contributing everything that is at my disposal to continue being a transparent and updated foundation in fiscal matters».

Fundrasing Campaign

hrough the following campaign on the Givebutter platform, we are raising funds for the execution of the various medical-social days held around Venezuela, where we offer pediatric consultations, consultations for adults and seniors, vaccination for children and adults, ophthalmological consultations, dental consultations, and much more.

You can donate through the following link: https://givebutter.com/CommunityOutreach from Givebutter or scan your camera’s QR code.

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